Services: +44 208-8840914    Sales: +44 7562988498

             The Car Traders 15 Park Road Edmonton North, , London N18 2UR

Services: +44 208-8840914    Sales: +44 7562988498

Terms & Conditions

Buyer Guidelines and Terms of Sale:

1. Please do not forget to activate Free 12 Month AA Break down Cover.

2. We Provide Minimum 6 Months Mot If Less Than 6 Month on time of sale we Cary out Fresh Mot and Deliver to you free of Charge.

3. Extra Third Party Warranty Available for 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 Months.

4. Vehicles sold on finance if any financial matter will be dealt directly with Lender.

5. We do not ask any financial information please do not provide if any one ask you other than Name, Address, Email, Phone Number Company will not be responsible.

6. We always Refund by Bank Transfer or by Card.

7. £300 Admin Charges will be deducted in the event of car return.

8. We are unable to refund money paid towards third party warranty.

9. We sell used budget cars please read and Match inspection report before taking the possession of the vehicle.

10. Check the Tyre Air pressure, Nail in Tyre, Or Drive way Edge Cut on the Tyre before taking the passion of the vehicle.

11. Check wheel locking Nut before leaving after company not responsible if missing, lost.

12. Car key if fell down, wet condition, Mobiliser Missing No claim accepted.

13. We Provide Spear Wheel or Emergency Tyre Kit Check before Leaving.

14. Warranty will cover fair usage of mileage if you doing high miles daily basis its customer responsibility to carry out regular Maintenance.

15. 30 Day cover on water Drainages Block Normally Tree Leaf/Dirt Cause Blockage after 30 days No claim Accepted on ECU or Electric water Damage. Or water start coming inside the vehicle dew to Blockage.

16. Please ask us for if any outstanding Manufacture Recall it’s totally free Of Charge by the Main Dealer.

17. Check v5c, Mot, Also If Have Spear/Extra Key/Service History etc.

18. All Modern Adverting websites Have Display Method HPI Check they Show on advertising if any cat or any Remarks we do extra if incase our car cat or incorrect Mileage we write 2 time in description if any have. Please take your HPI Report with you as well we provide Free of charge.

19. Deposit towards car not refundable unless T&C specified.

20. In the Event of return/refund we have legal right to check and inspect the vehicle or take to garage to make sure the fault exists before issue the refund.

21. We do not charge admin fee on time of sale or refund.

22. We have legal right to deduct Mileage Driven by customer.

23. On time of Refund body damages, Interior, Exterior damage will be checked if any damage by the customer will be charged separately.

24. We try our best to create fair, clear and simple trading.

25. For After sale service Please do not hesitate to contact us Monday to Friday 11am to 5Pm 07785729616 or emails us or write to us 15 Park Road Edmonton N182UR.

26. If any car/van bought from us using under taxi/cab/commercial we only can cover 3000 miles under warranty over 3000 miles we unable to cover under terms and condition of sale.